Thursday, 27 June 2013

Luv Randhawa feat. Bikram Singh and Nick Chowlia - Tohar Vekh Kai

Luv Randhawa has gone international with his latest single. Tohar Vekh Kai features the vocals of Bikram Singh and production from Nick Chowlia. 

This cross border collaboration has modern and more traditional sections. Tohar Vekh Kai paired together two strong vocalists who both sing well. I liked how Luv and Bikram sang together and the vocals were my favourite part of the track. But at times I could barely hear them as their vocals were drowned out by foghorns and other loud instruments.

The video is good. Set in New York it is simple and has a laid back feel. I liked the urban landscape and the instagram like effects. See if you can spot a big blue furry monster about half way through!

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