Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Last Played: July

A little look at what's been played at Sari-Clad Speakers over the past month.

Chennai Express - Titli 

Apart from this song, the soundtrack for Chennai Express did not make that much of an impression on me. Titli  is light, delicate and summery. The use of Tamil in as well as Hindi adds to the track.

Panjabi Hit Squad - Electro Mahiya

Panjabi Hit Squad released a deluxe version of their album World Famous. Electro Mahiya was one of the new tracks and probably one of the best on the album. Perfect for summer parties.

Romay - Heritage

A good sitar track never gets old, especially if it is accompanied by bass as heavy as this. First released on Romay's album Playing With Sound, Heritage is one of those tracks you play over and over when it comes up on shuffle.

Sohniye - Juggy D

It's hard to believe that this song is 10 years old! I still don't get why the girl is endlessly driving around in the video, but it is a summer classic that I bring out almost every year.


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