Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Swarathma Celebrate Life After 55

Swarathma, an Indian folk rock band, have released a new single and a video to go with it. Rang Zinda is about 'Bachpan after Pachpan' or childhood after 55 and was a collaboration with students form the National Institute of Design in India.

The video shows a group of elderly people going about their daily activities and having fun. One woman is an elegant dancer and there is one man who has the coolest beard you will ever see. The band also make an appearance towards the end of the video.

The older generation are all too often left out of today's music world. There is the stereotype that all they listen to are old Bolllywood hits and religious songs. But Swarathma have cleverly reminded us that people don't need to be a certain age to appreciate good music.

If you liked the song, it is available as a free download on Swarathma's SoundCloud page.

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