Friday, 26 July 2013

Tigerstyle - Dhi Punjab Di

Tigerstyle have released the fourth single from their album Digi-Bhang. Dhi Punjab Di features the vocals of Jaspinder Narula and has a video set in the Punjab.

Fans of Tigerstyle have complained that the duo's recent tracks are not traditional enough. Dhi Punjab Di will appeal to those who like their bhangra to contain dhol. It's modern, but still firmly rooted in the fields of the Punjab.

Women usually only feature in bhangra tracks as the male singer's object of affection, but this single is different. Dhi Punjab Di is made for women who want to break out of the giddha circle. Only Tigerstyle could add enough bass to match the power of Jaspinder Narula's vocals.

The video is simple, colourful and traditional. There is a magnificent tree with people dancing and swinging under it. Unlike other Punjabi music videos which portray a golden age of Punjab, Dhi Punjab Di is not kitschy or overly nostalgic.

Like the other singles, Dhi Punjab Di comes with an instrumental version and remixes from different producers. It's interesting to hear how other people have interpreted the song. All the remixes keep Jaspinder Narula's vocals but add something else to the track. I'm still working out which one I like best.

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