Monday, 26 March 2012

Cornershop - Milkin' It Video

Cornershop have released the video for their single Milkin' It, which will be released on 9th April. The video is directed and filmed by Astrid Edwards. Milkin' It is full of colours, snapshots of people and some great dancing by Turf Feinz. The video is full of contrasts and is brilliantly shot. I first blogged about the song when it was released on soundcloud and I still love the laid back funky vibe that runs through it.

The video is set in Oakland, California and has a story to tell. The area is known for its community sit-ins, ovoverpriced housing, corrupt landlords and a lack of opportunities. The video documents the community fending for itself and highlights how the youth are using street hip hop to help their community rather than using violence to create tension.

Astrid Edwards used turf dancers in the video. She explains why she shot them: "Turf dancing is a complex homemade brew of breakdancing, ballet and tutting and is usually done in response to a friend dying - an RIP dance. I wanted to show the vibrancy in a community that is so slammed with the label of 'broken'. I wanted to show real people doing something for themselves. Expression by any means necessary. That is the essence of hip hop and something that I hope comes across in this film." 

At 2 minutes and 18 seconds into Milkin It, a man called Gordon states "actually I'm homeless right now." This is taken from a longer film called Two Very Different Lives that Astrid Edwards shot during a tenant eviction protest. Apart from Gordon's quote, the video has little to do with Milkin' It, but is worth watching. It is a moving interview which is occasionally interrupted by a boy who loves dinosaurs. Astrid Edwards talks more about it on her blog.  

Urban Turban comes out on the 14th May. You can pre-order your copy from the band's website here.

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