Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Take Five: Mundian To Bach Ke

Mundian To Bach Ke by Punjabi MC is probably the world's most famous bhangra song as it was a hit in various countries. I have lost count of the amount of people from different cultures who have asked me if I know it and if I can translate the lyrics into English. Here are different remakes, remixes and cover versions of the famous song. They range from the wonderful to the weird and downright odd!

Пиво вдвоём - The Russian Balalaika Version 

Performed by a group whose name translates as "Beer for Two", this version incorporates Russian rap, a few Russian songs and a traditional Russian Balalaika. The guests seem to be enjoying it even if some of the Punjabi pronunciation is a bit odd. Beer for Two have made this their own.

Giuseppe Masia - The Italian Version


Giuseppe Masia is an Italian comedian and singer who started his musical career in a heavy metal band called Skull. He has released 16 albums and is know for making parodies of popular songs. In addition to his music he is also a French teacher and created comic characters like Agospino, who sells tissues at traffic lights. I am sure this version is funny if you understand Italian!

  Boett - The Metal Cover Version


Youtube user The Boett proudly states "Me, my guitar and 'Magix Music Maker' create the worst cover versions ever." It is indeed rather bad and very odd.

Emils Mangulis - The Latvian Version

Taken from a televised children's singing contest in Latvia which was sponsored by an insurance company, this is perhaps the oddest version of Mundian to Bach Ke that I have ever come across. I'm not sure if the sing-a-long subtitles are supposed to be in Latvian or incorrect Punjabi. Watch out for the girl in the basket!

Wax Audio - Metallica Goes To the Punjab

A mashup of Metallica's The Four Horsemen and Mundian to Bach Ke. Somehow this version works, but I'm not quite sure why. The same group also did a mash up of Iron Maiden and Crazy Kiya Re.

BONUS: Peter Fox - Dickes B

Dickes B was a German song about Berlin sung by a band called Seeed. Band member Peter Fox used Mundian to Bach Ke on his live solo album and mashed it together with Dickes B to create a new hit. The Punjabi lyrics are left out of this version, which is why in my opinion it works well.

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