Tuesday, 27 March 2012

S-Endz - Your Body's Callin'

S-Endz, whose shows with Swami were sometimes so rowdy that promoters asked to see their insurance papers, has released his next song from his EP Chapter 0: REINKARNAL. The song is a remake of R. Kelly's Your Body's Callin'.

This cover is a first for S-Endz. He said on his website "About six months ago, I realized that aside from a live jam of Prince’s “Controversy” during a Maida Vale session with my band Swami, I’ve never performed or released a cover. I set out to remedy this, chose this classic r&b joint from 1994, put my own twist on it…..and voila!"

Your Body's Callin' is the slowest track released from Chapter 0: REINKARNAL so far. The song has a mellow feel to it with a few hints of sunshine and has a very different vibe to the previous three tracks S-Endz has released. Even though it is a remake of an old song, S-Endz has successfully made it his own.

After releasing all of the songs on the EP separately in two week intervals, S-Endz plans to release the complete EP as one package through iTunes and other music websites. However, this song will not be on it due to sample clearance issues so this is the only chance to get your hands on it. This is also the reason why the song lacks a chapter number like the other singles.

You can download Your Body's Callin' here for free. But S-Endz says on his website if can afford to pay for it, please do - you can pay any amount you choose to.

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