Tuesday, 13 March 2012

S-Endz - She Got It (I Want It)

S-Endz, who once hosted and co-produced a BBC 1Xtra documentary about Tupac Shakur, has released the next track from his EP Chapter 0: REINKARNAL. She Got It (I Want It) is described by S-Endz on his website as "a fairly straightforward ode to lust".

This track has a very different feel compared to the first two songs from the EP. Alone was a ballad and Do You Wanna Come? was a frantic dance track. But She Got It (I Want It) is a repetitive electronic track with a touch of bass. I like it, but I think I prefer the first two tracks.

The song was written in 2009 and the drums were inspired by a Prince track. At the time S-Endz had a crush on a female singer and she was the indirect inspiration for the track. Who this singer is remains a mystery as despite me asking S-Endz won't reveal who she is! Whoever she is, she should be thanked for being a part of a nice track.

You can download She Got It (I Want It) here for free. But S-Endz says on his website if can afford to pay for it, please do - you can pay however much or little you want.

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