Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Kudi - The Remixes and the Video

It seems like Kudi, Tigerstyle’s current single, is being played everywhere. It deservedly peaked at number 2 in the UK itunes World Singles Charts and was play listed on Capital FM reaching out far beyond the typical Asian audience. A nice amount of bass plus traditional vocals meant that I loved it as soon as I heard the preview. But some forget that along with the main single there are three official remixes, an instrumental and a video.

The Nucleya remix is probably the most radical out of them all. This is a psychedelic garba refix with plenty of bass. Choppy electronic beats and distorted vocals take mean it sounds very different to the original. But even with the drastic makeover, it somehow still retains a few traditional sounds and has a rustic feel to it.

Out of all the remixes the Shizzio and Big Narstie one is my least favourite. Rani Randeep’s vocals are removed and replaced with theirs. As a track it sounds ok, but for me Rani’s vocals were an important element of Kudi. It seems strange to have a song called Kudi, without a Kudi singing in it.

G-ta provides the dubstep remix of Kudi. This is dark and grimy with plenty more bass added. He lengthens the song to five and a half minutes. He also removes Rani’s vocals, but the added bass maked up for it. G-ta has also done an extra remix of Kudi. The VIP version keeps Rani’s vocals and makes the track more electronic and less dark and is a good compliment to his original remix.

There is one thing about Kudi that has disappointed me and that is the video. It starts well with shots of London at night and the word Kudi flashing across the screen. But then it descends into repeated shots of girls dancing, Tigerstyle at the decks and a few token crowd scenes.

Unlike the song it  represents, I thought the video was boring and uninspired. As Kudi is so good, it makes the video seem even worse than it is. Tigerstyle have taken risks with their music, pushed the boundaries and strive for originality. So why can’t they do the same with their music videos? Kudi could have been shot with a story line or in an interesting location so that it engaged the viewer. But instead Tigerstyle opted for the tired cliché of night clubs and girls dancing. Tigerstyle tweeted that their videos are going to get more creative and experimental, so I hope this video is a one off occurrence.

Despite this video, Tigerstyle are talented artists and I will continue to support them as a blogger and music fan. I will keep listening to Kudi and its various remixes as I really do like hearing them. It’s just a shame that the video is not as good as the songs.

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