Sunday, 26 May 2013

Aman Khaira Loves An Angry Bird

There are a a few songs about smart phones and now there is a song about the apps that run on them. Aman Khaira has made a song called Angry Bird inspired by the game. 

In the track he tells the girl in his life that she is as cute as an angry bird. The lyrics also make references to other cult smart phone games like Temple Run and Fruit Ninja.

Angry Bird is dire and is the worst song I have heard this year. It shamelessly rips off the Angry Birds theme tune as well as the pig grunts. It's funny on the first listen, but by the second I wanted to rip my ears off. I doubt there are many women who would be flattered if they were told they were as cute as an angry bird.

There is no official video for the song, just a slightly creepy photo of a man gazing lovingly at an angry birds carrier bag! 

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