Friday, 10 May 2013

Imran Khan - Satisfya

Imran Khan has released his new single produced by Eren E. Satisfya is his first new material since Unforgettable was released in 2009.

It is instantly recognisable as an Imran Khan track. The song is cinematic and atmospheric. The sound is more mature than his previous work and the bass line is heavy and bouncy. Satisfya is catchy and is a tune to blast out of the car summer.

There are English lyrics mixed in with Punjabi ones, presumably to appeal to a wider  international audience. I prefer it when Imran sings in Punjabi only and it sounded odd when he switched languages every sentence. The lyrics don't always make sense, and words like "worldwide-ah" and "satisfya" are invented, but some of the lyrics in his other songs don't make sense either!

I'm curious what the video will be like. The video for Amplifier was cheeky with an interesting storyline and panoramic shots of Amsterdam. For Satisfya it would be easy to pack a set with models and cars. I hope Imran doesn't do this and can come up with something as original as Amplifier.

Satisfiya is a song that says to the world I've returned. A big welcome back to the ride provider. 

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