Friday, 17 May 2013

Tigerstyle - Boss

Tigerstyle are releasing Digi-Bhang next week. A video for the single Boss and four new remixes of the song will also be released on the same day.

Boss is full of drama and atmosphere. It divides into neat sections which mix different styles. There's plenty of dhol, bass and dubstep. RK Mendhi provides some impressive vocals and the lyrics were written by Ranbir Jagatpuri. They appear together again on another Digi-Bhang track.

The remixes are very different from each other and focus on different aspects of the track. All the remixes keep RK Mendhi's vocals which shows how good they are. D-Boy Bawse adds additional vocals alongside RK Mendhi's and the remix works well. Matt the Alien briefly changes the pitch of the vocals and gives the song a laid back feel. Boss is Jakes Hench's second time remixing a Tigerstyle track. His Boss remix is as complex as his remix of Ay-Ha!. With it's eastern vibe and assortment of additional sounds the Caballo remix is my favourite.

The video has been made by Mad Tatter, who also made Ik Banere. It's already causing controversy as Brit Asia TV have decided to only air it after 9pm. Having seen the shoot I'm unsure why Brit Asia TV have done this. Without giving too much away, there is an engaging storyline and characters I would never expect to see in a bhangra video. 

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