Monday, 20 May 2013

Yogesh Kalia Parodies Imran Khan's Satisfya

Earlier this month Imran Khan released his new single Satisfya which has become a hit. The video saw him driving a fast car, sitting on a throne and gazing over the skyline of Dubai.

Yogesh Kalia, who plays Agent Kalia in Humza Arshad's Diary of a Badman, has made a hilarious parody of Imran Khan's Satisfya. Instead of driving a car, he rides a bike and the skyline of Dubai is portrayed by a hand drawn poster.

The lyrics of Satisfya are also parodied successfully. Yogesh keeps the odd mix of Punjabi and English and will bring the daal if the girl brings the naan!

It's great when comedians parody well known music videos. I can think of a few other desi music videos which need sending up. 

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