Thursday, 9 May 2013

Two Female Singers To Watch

There is a huge lack of female artists in the Desi music industry. Bhangra is dominated by men and there are only few successful female singers based outside the subcontinent.

In the past month a couple female singers have stepped into the limelight to reverse the situation. Shaz, a solicitor, released Tere Liye in April and Sarika Gill released Punjabi Suit last week. 

Both vocalists have experience. Shaz has sung around Scotland and Sarika has released a few singles on a different label. The singers each have their own style and sound different to each other.

Sarika's Punjabi Suit has a traditional feel to it. Her vocals are strong and this is a tune that would work well at a Sangeet. I liked how the dhol player in the video was a woman as it's another industry that is full of men.

Tere Liye by Shaz is a dance track with a touch of Bollywood glamour. It's catchy with a nice bass line from Tigerstyle. I liked the subtle sitar in the background.

I'm impressed by these songs and hope Sarika and Shaz release more tracks soon. 

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