Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Tigerstyle Week On Sari-Clad Speakers

Tigerstyle are all set to release their new album Digi-Bhang and single Boss on the 23rd of May. Sari-Clad Speakers has an exclusive a copy of Digi-Bhang and will be reviewing the album before anyone else!

To celebrate, next week is Tigerstyle Week on Sari-Clad Speakers. From Monday there will be exclusive pictures, interviews with the duo about how they put the album together and snippets from Digi-Bhang that have never been heard before.

This is the closest you can get to Digi-Bhang without actually listening to it. So make sure you log on to Sari-Clad Speakers and follow me on twitter for a whole week of exciting exclusives.

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